First-ever online purchase

18 Nov

The online market is the home of products that cannot seem to get enough number of followers to be offered in physical markets around the world. Technology is helping these products to gain the numbers they need to break from the worldwide web and the Internet. It is true that the online market is a bigger and better platform for new items but there are still those online users who are skeptical in buying anything online. They always have that thinking that it will not work for them when they have received their respective orders. It is either that or the product would not look the same from the pictures on the website. This has hindered many online users to purchase anything that is being offered in cyberspace.

Online sale for a special set of medications

Even if skepticism and controversies are shadowing the world of the online market, there is a continuous increase of products that are being offered in the worldwide web through the Internet. The sellers would range from one locality to an international place. Items that are being online would range from regular household appliances to medications that an online user might not have heard of before. Since I suffered from brain tumor, I was always on the lookout for medications that could either reduce the pressure inside my skull or would reduce the size of the tumor that is blocking the flow of water out of my brain.

Then one day I found deer antler spray online

To cut the story short, I had the first surgery in 2011. I had another one for the complete excision of the brain tumor in 2013. The recovery period was very different. I was up on my feet in no time at all after my first operation I was able to go back to work just two months after the surgery. That event made me confident enough that I would also recover in that rate for my second surgery. Man, I was so wrong! It is already almost six months but I still cannot move properly. This is when I turned to the worldwide web again but this time my purpose is different. I am not on a hunt for something that might help me recover faster. It took a while a several webpages checked until I came across a page about a product that is the deer antler spray.

Should I try and purchase it online of look for a local distributor

Being a user of the worldwide web for quite some time, I too have that skepticism about the products that are being sold in the Internet. But searching for a local distributor for the spray would be quite a hassle for me and my family. Fine! I decided to purchase the first item in an online market since I became aware of the existence of the worldwide web. I finally bought a deer antler spray online. The purchase process was smooth and I received the item in good condition and in a timely manner. It is now the moment of truth. Will it work on me or not?

After using the spray from a month, I found that my legs are starting to regain its strength. I can walk sturdier and move better. A gradual amount of spray is all that it takes. There are some professional athletes that are using the spray when they are injured. This might sound very infomercial-like but I would not be speaking about it if it did not work for me. It is right to be skeptical at some times but it will not hurt if you would try to put your trust on something every once in a while.

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Breaking into the scene of physical markets might be quite a task for a number of products.

18 Oct

This is not just for the markets in the United States but it is also to refer to the other markets around the world. Unless there is a humongous demand for an item, it will not be offered by physical markets. It might also be good to point out that when a product has a so-called reputation, it might not be offered at physical stores at all especially when the item is a form of medication.

The events that showed the way to find answers in the worldwide web

My brain tumor had a return engagement with my head after it was partially removed in 2011. I was having a great experience in my stint in Dubai in the UAE when I suddenly could not walk and experience an extremely painful headache. Less than two years after my first operation, neurologists in a Dubai hospital suggested for me to get a CT-Scan since I already have a history with brain tumor. The scan results came positive and they advised that I need to undergo another surgery as soon as possible to avoid another episode that would lead to be being comatose. Prior to my first surgery in 2011, I was already in coma for two days.

The recovery period after the first surgery was almost immediate. I just took leave from work for two months and was back in shape within that period. It was not the same for my second surgery in 2013. I had troubles standing up and walking even after three months after the operation date. This was very alarming for me. I am not the type of person who would just sit down and wait for the time that I would be able to function properly. This was when I turned to the worldwide web in search for some answers and maybe for something that would help me to increase my recovery rate.

Finding the deer antler spray online and even more

I came across a webpage about deer antler sprays. It piqued my interest and made me consider it as one of my options. Then I came across webpages stating that it was banned by the US FDA and also the World Anti-Doping Association or WADA. If it is banned, why are there still some online shops that offering it to be purchased by any person who has accessed to the Internet and the worldwide web. Reading further made me think that it is not about the spray in totality but a substance that is present in the spray. The substance is added to the spray in a very small amount. There were also several articles that supported the idea that the small amount of this banned substance would not affect a grown-up individual even if the person would be exposed for it for a longer period of time.

Discoveries and research can be conducted easier with the help that technology is willing to give.

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Crutches and torn fascia muscle

09 Mar

People who are more athletic than the others could be more prone to suffer from an injury or two. There are also those individuals who are just prone to injuries and/or accidents. On the other hand, there are an increasing number of people who are trying to be in shape and practice a healthy lifestyle. Being too enthusiastic, this might cause a pull or a tear in a muscle that could be very painful. Having no proper training or trainer would put an individual at risk when he is doing even the simplest task of running from point A to point B.

The accident-prone me

Being a single mother at the age of 20, I always wanted to look at tip-top shape to maintain the figure I had before a gave birth. When my kid was old enough, I would just drop her to school in the morning and have a couple of laps running around the oval in the university that I used to attend to. It was very encouraging to hear comments that it seemed that I did not gave birth at all with how I was able to maintain my body. But I was so stubborn to ask for any professional advice. I just rely on stocked knowledge from PE classes. Yeah! Simple stretching drills would do the trick. Until I tear the fascia muscle on my left leg. It hurts a lot that I had to use crutches just to go from my bedroom to the kitchen area.

Being injured gave the opportunity to use the laptop

I was so busy that I did not have the opportunity to open even my email on a daily basis. This changed when I had the injury. I fired up the laptop and searched for medications that could increase the muscle rehabilitation even just a notch higher. Then I came across an article about deer antler spray online. I did not hesitate and purchased the product. In less than a week, the item was delivered in our doorsteps and I read the instructions on how to use it. It worked for my torn fascia. The pain was starting to be tolerable and the therapist said that the tear was starting to heal at a better rate. I did not tell him about what I discovered online. But I think it is about time that I share this for it to be known by regular people who might need it.

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